Chinese soup with oyster sauce

شوربة صينية بصلصة المحار


1 small can soya vermicelli Chinese
4 big table spoons soya sauce
1 big table spoon oyster sauce
(2 pieces chicken breast sliced + nuoc mam (if it's not available we can use the above sauces
Salt + black pepper
1 leek sliced +pieces carrot sliced+ 1/2 glass pea + soya bud
1 litter of water

Method of Preparation

Grape a pot and add oil with the chicken, pepper and the salt, stir them well add the leek, the carrot, the pea, stir them well add the water, the soya and the oyster sauce, keep it until its done, then add the soya bud, the vermicelli and keep it until it's cooked, you can see if the salt is ok or you need to add more, then add the muoc mom sauce, then serve it.

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