Potato Chinese salad

سلطة بطاطس صينية


1small glass macaroni
Pieces potato cubes and boiled
1/2glass frozen pea
(1/4 glass fagot broccoli (only the flowers

Sauce ingredients
2 white eggs
1garlic lub
2 big table spoons Medo milk
1 smal spoon sugar
3 big table spoons Mayounaise

Method of Preparation

Boil the macaroni until its uldonti, then add the pea, the broccoli, and leave them until they done. filter them and put them in a big bowl and add to it the boiled potato.
In the mixer add the egg white and mix them on high, then add the garlic, the powder milk and mix well, then add the sauce on the above ingredients, then the mayonnaise, mix them well and serve it.

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