Broccoli salad with paper sauce

سلطة البروكلي بصوص الفليفلات


(10 pieces broccoli (flowers only
Pieces small red radish
(10 pieces macaroni (butterfly Shape

Sauce ingredients:
1/4 pieces from red, yellow, and green paper
1 lemon (squeeze)
¼ glass olive oil
½ red tomato
1/4 glass white vinegar
1 smal garlic lube

Method of Preparation

Mince the onion in the onion machine.
Mix the tomato, the vinegar, the olive oil, the lemon juice, and the garlic in the mixer, then add the papers and mix them well, and keep them on side.
Boil the broccoli flowers or grill them, then cut the head of he radish into four half’s, and do the same for the onion .boil the macaroni. Mix all together add the sauce on it, and then serve it.

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