Lentil yellow stew

إيدام العدس الأصفر


1 glass yellow lentil
2 pieces potatoes medium
1can mushroom
(Garlic, onion (both mince
1big tomatoes
(2glass chicken broth or meat broth (or magi cube
2 table spoon butter
1table spoon cumin, dash black pepper, 1small spoon turmeric, 2table spoons semolina, lemon juice

Method of Preparation

Put the garlic, the onion ,and the butter in a pot on oven until they cooked , then add the mushroom , stir them well, then add the potatoes, then the tomatoes, late until its done add the lentil, stir them well on low heat, then add the broth, cover it and leave it on low heat(about30 minuets), fife minutes before its done add the cumin, the black pepper, the turmeric, the debs, and the lemon juice, leave it on the oven , and you can serve it in two ways, you can mix it in the mixer and add half glass of sour crème , and return it back into the oven for three minutes , then serve it.

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