Narjeel vegetables

خضار بالنارجيل ( كراون )


1 onion+ mince garlic + hole chicken (cut) + 1table spoon red hot pepper + Chinese salt(Agni motto) + ginger+ 1bag mix vegetables + 1/2glass narjeel +1bid spoon soya sauce + 1big spoon ketchup +1/4glass oil.

Method of Preparation

boil all the vegetables in 1/2 glass of water until its cooked, and cover the pot during the boiling, put oil in the pot , then add the onion , the garlic, stir them for five minutes , , then add the chicken , stir until it's color changed.
Add the nargil, the spices, stir them all together on low heat so they will not burn, then remove it away and add the vegetables, and put it again on oven, stir them for another five minutes...
Serve it with rice...

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