Chinese rolls with rice leaves

رولات صينية بأوراق الأرز


400g mince meet
(1/2glass boiled rice (use water and salt
1table spoon fresh mince ginger
(Salt + pepper (as desire
Cabbage cut and boiled in water with salt
1piece shredded carrot
1big spoon mince parsley
Rice leaves

Method of Preparation

Mix the boiled rice, with the boiled cabbage, the mice meat, the salt and the black pepper, and ground them well
Then add the shredded carrot, the parsley, and the soya sauce.
In a pan add little from the sesame oil, and stir the mixture until the meat and the carrot is cooked.
Grape the rice leaves and dips it in warm water so it will become soft, then stuff it and rook them.
Heat the oil and fried the rolls from the both sides, and put them on absorbable kitchen tissue, serve it with the special sauce or the soya sauce, for dipping.

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