Spring rolls with shrimp

لفائف الربيع بالجمبري (اسبرنج رول)


1 spring roll bag+ onion fine cut + cabbage big cut sliced + 3 pieces shredded carrot + soya sauce + mince parsley + salt+ magi cube + 1/2 bag shrimp
To close the rolls: 3 table spoons flour with water

Method of Preparation

Put in n a pan little oil, then add the onion and stir them for five minutes, then add the cabbage on it with the carrot and stir them well , then add the shrimp, the magi cube , leave it until the water is absorbed, then add the soya sauce and stir well , put the mixer in the filter pot because it's important that the mixer is dryad cool, then stuff the spring rolls and close the edges with the water and the flour you mix them together, deep fried them , and serve it...

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