Chinese Pizza with spices

بيتزا صيني بالتوابل


2 glasses flour
4 big spoons butter or oil
1 big spoon yeast
1 small spoon sugar
Warm water for dough

Chicken breast boiled and cut or cuts hot dog
Mince ginger
1 small spoon soya sauce
1 small spoon salt + black pepper
1/2 glass boiled pea
Pizza sauce
Red onion fine sliced
Mozzarella chess

Method of Preparation

Knead the tough ingredients well until it becomes soft and smooth, leave it for half an hour, heat the oven and paint the try with little oil, roast the ginger and the hot dog in little oil, then A sauce, stir them well and leave it on the oven for a while, then remove it away, flow it on the dough, then add the onion and the pee, then spread the cheese on it.
Bake it in the oven until its done then serve it...

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