Macaroni bud pea

مكرونة براعم الفاصولياء


2 indomie pack or Chinese
1 medium onion
1 fagot baraem white pea
1/2 shredded carrot
Little from co
1big table spoon sweet soya sauce
Dash from salt Agni motto
Dash from black pepper
1big spoon oil

Method of Preparation

Put the indomie or the Chinese noodles in a bowel and add hot water to it with it spices until it's soft then remove the water , cut the onion slices , and shredded the carrot .
In a pan roast the onion with bud pea with little oil on high heat, then directly add the carrot, coriander, the indomie, then the soya, stir them quickly on high heat, then serve it.

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