Chinese noodles

تشاينيز نودلز


2 pieces chicken breast
2bag noodles or spagitti or indomie
Onion sliced
Carrot, zucchini, green pea, cucumber small pieces

Method of Preparation

Cut the chicken breast into small cubes and spice them with salt, lemon, soya sauce and vinegar.
Grape a pan and put allot from cooking and put it on oven , and after the oil becomes hot add the chicken cubes and stir them until they becomes little roasted then remove it from the oil and keep it on side.
At the same pan you add the mince garlic, the carrot, then the onion, stir them on high heat, then add the zucchini, the pea then stir them again.
Then add the chicken, the cucumber, and the corn.
Then add the sauces ( 1table spoon white vinegar +1table spoon balsamic vinegar + 1table spoon woes ester+ 2table spoons soya sauce+1table spoon catchup+1table spoon tomato paste)then add one glass of water with one table spoon of corn flour melt in it, and slice from the pineapple

and half slice of pineapple small sliced and flop it then cover it on low heat until its cooked, then boil the noodles or the spagitti, or the indomie, after its done wash it with cold water and add the vegetables to it., the serve it.

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