Chicken noodle with vegetables

نودلز بالدجاج والخضار


Chicken breast ingredients
4chicken breasts boneless and sliced
2 pieces big onion sliced
1/2 big piece green cabbage sliced
1/2big piece red cabbage sliced
1/2piece yellow cabbage sliced
1/4glass fresh ginger sliced
3lubs garlic sliced
2 big table spoons tomato paste
Black pepper

Vegetables and soya ingredients
1/4 cabbage sliced
1big potato sliced
Pieces zucchini sliced
3 pieces baby carrot sliced
2rod celery sliced
Fagot fresh green peen sliced
5big spoons soya sauce
Black pepper
2 back Chinese macaroni
2big spoons sweet soya

Method of Preparation

Cut the vegetables sliced (red, green, yellow papers, zucchini, cabbage, carrot, potato, celery
To make the stew: roast the onion, the ginger, and the garlic, then add the chicken, the paper, then the tomato and the tomato paste, the salt, the black pepper, stir them together, during this time boil the macaroni, then filter it from water then return it back to the same pot then add the chicken and the mixer, and cover it wells it well keep the heat inside it.
Quickly flop the cabbage in the oil, and add the ketchup to it and soya sauce, and dash from there black pepper. And do the same thing for the vegetables each one separate,
every time stir the vegetable and cover it so it will keep the heat inside it, and you add the sweet soya sauce, mix the macaroni with the vegetables carefully with two big forks, then serve it.

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