Noodles with corn bud

النودلز ببراعم الذرة


Carrot zucchini + green paper+ onion+ 2lubs garlic
Corn bream + mushroom
Boiled flakiness chicken+1magi cube
1tablevspoon salt+ black pepper+ 2spoons salt soya+2spoons sweet soya+2spoons white vinegar
1bag Chinese noodles+ colored macaroni for decoration
(Additional (broccoli or cabbage

Method of Preparation

Cut the onion sliced, and cut all the zucchini ,the carrot, the green paper into sliced, mince the garlic or smash it, boil the macaroni in water with oil and salt in it, and add the magi cub, then filter it without wash it in wide pan with little oil in it add the chicken ,stir it little , then add the onion and stir again, add the rest of the vegetables and stir them for awhile and make sure to reserve there colors, add the soya sauce ,the magi cube, the salt, the black pepper, the vinegar and leave it on low heat for fife minuets.
Add the noodles to the mixer stir it carefully, put it in serving plate.

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