Macaroni Chinese with mince meat

المكرونة الصينية باللحمة المفرومة


Big onion mince
300g meet
1bag boiled macaroni
1table spoon mince ginger
1can yogurt
2glasses hot water
2table spoons soya sauce
1small sesame oil
300g mixed vegetables half boiled
(Salt (as desire
1smal spoon black pepper
1small spoon meet spices
1small spoon heal

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion with the ginger for five minutes, then add the meet and leave it until it's cooked, then add the yogurt on it while you keep stir until t start boiling, then add theater the vegetables ,and the spices and leave it for re minuets, after that you add the macaroni and leave it for fifteen minutes, then add to it one spoon from the soya sauce and the sesame oil and the meet, when the macaroni is one turn it off, and put t in the plate and serve it

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