Chinese macaroni with meat balls

مكرونة صينية بكرات اللحم


Mince meat cooked with mince onion mince lube of garlic+ dash of salt+ 1/4 spoon grounded black pepper
3 table spoons coriander mince roll them like a small balls then dip them in the flour and cover it from all sides, then fried it
Spagitti macaroni + carrot fingers+ green pea cut from the middle+ cold paper sliced+ cabbage medium sliced + zucchini cut like triangles
Fine sliced onion+ 3table spoons soya sauce+ 4tabe spoons ketchup+ +1/2glasswater melt in it 2table spoons corn flour

Method of Preparation

First boil the macaroni in water with salt(as desire) and one cube meet, then stir the onion with little oil, add to it the cabbage , the carrot, the paper, and the zucchini stir them for two minutes, then spice it with 1/4 spoon of black pepper ,dash of salt, and quarter spoon of grounded cumin ,and mince coriander , add four spoons of the ketchup , the three spoons of soya, and the water with corn flour in it, stir them well so it well mix good together for two minutes, then add the boiled meat balls, then the boiled macaroni, stir them for two minutes, then serve it.

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