Shrimp macaroni with vegetables

مكرونة الروبيان مع الخضار المشوية


1k shrimp small size
500 g scroll macaroni
Green paper sliced+ red paper sliced+ yellow paper sliced+ salt + black pepper
Grounded coriander 2lubs garlic + fine mince parsley
2bid spoons olive oil or cooking oil
Tomato paste+ sweet soya sauce+ salt soya sauce

For the grill vegetable sticks
Potatoes cubes+ tomatoes cubes + colored paper cubes + shrimp + wooden sticks for grill

Method of Preparation

Boil the macaroni in the water with oil and salt, spice little from the shrimp with salt ,pepper ,and parsley , fried them in the oil for five minutes, then add the color paper , then add the paste and the spices, and leave it on the oven until the shrimp is cook, after that you add the macaroni and stir well .
Start stick the rest of the potatoes, the tomatoes, the shrimp in the wooden sticks, and you can grill them in the oven or on the electronic grill.
Flow it in the serving plates with the grilled sticks, and serve it hot.

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