Chicken and potatoes with soya

الدجاج والبطاطس بالصويا


1/2 kg potatoes clean and cut it linearly
Fine cut of rod finger
1/2 small spoon salt
(Black pepper (as desire
1/2 small spoon soya sauce
2 small spoons corn flour
1 big spoon oil

Sauce ingredients
4 table spoons soya sauce
1+1/2 big spoon sugar
3 small spoons vinegar
(Hot pepper (as desire

Method of Preparation

Mix the cut chicken with the corn flour, the salt, the black pepper, the oil, and the soya sauce well.
In span put the oil then add the chicken with the mixture, stir well until it's cooked, and after that take it and keep it on side, at the same an add the sliced potatoes and the fresh ginger, and stir them every other while until the potatoes start to be done then add the chicken cubes , stir well .
Mix all the finally sauce ingredients together and add it slowly on the potatoes with the chicken, stir well to absorb the sauce, then add the other half until you finish the all quantity at last you add the sesame, and serve it.

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