Chinese chicken with soya sauce

الدجاج الصيني بالصويا


2 chicken breasts sliced and boneless
3 table spoons corn flour
1/2 onion
1 table spoon sesame
2 lube garlic mince
1 table spoon vermicelli
1 table spoon sweet soya sauce
1 table spoon sesame oil table spoon vinegar
2 table spoons sugar
5 table spoons oil
1/4 cucumber cubes

Method of Preparation

Mix the chicken with the corn flour, the soya, and spoon from the vinegar together.
Heat three spoons from the oil and stir the chicken in it from both sides until they got the gold color.
Roast the onion, the garlic, and the ginger in the two spoons from the oil, add to it two spoons from soya, vinegar, and the sugar, then add the chicken you prepared before with one spoon from sesame oil and the cutes cucumber, and stir well, leave it for fifteen minutes.
Roast the vermicelli and put it in the serving plate add flow on it the mixture while it's hot, and decorated with sesame.

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