Chicken with ketchup

دجاج بالكاتشب


1/2 kg chicken breast cut sliced
2 table spoons flour
2 table spoons black sweet ketchup
2 spoons soya sauce
2 table spoons corn flour
2 spoons lemon squeeze
2 spoons venire
1 spoon hot liquid sauce

Method of Preparation

Spice the chicken with the above spicing; put it in the refrigerator for one night.
Deep fried the chicken, then grape a pan and put in it:
1 spoon oil
2 table spoons red ketchup
2 spoons white vinegar
2 table spoons soya sauce
3 pieces green paper cubes
2 spoons corn flour
3 rod green onion cubes
(Pepper (as desire
Stir all together, then add the roasted chicken, and stir them again, serve it with white rice.

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