Chicken sate

ساتي الدجاج


Chicken breast small squares
2 spoons yogurt
Salt (as desires)
1/2 table spoon pepper
1/2 table spoon Chinese salt
1 table spoon salt
1 lemon squeeze
1/4 spoon hard
(Pieces cold paper (green- yellow- red- onion
Wooden sate sticks

Method of Preparation

Mix all the (1) ingredients together with the chicken, and put them in the refrigerator for one hour.
And (2) ingredients together cut it cubes, then bring the wooden sticks , then put two chicken cubes then one piece from the green paper, one piece onion, then one red paper, then one chicken , then yellow paper, and so on until you finish all the sticks.
Example: 2 chicken+ 1 onion+ 1 green paper+ 2 chickens+ red paper.
Then fried it on low heat so the chicken won’t be burn, and after ten minutes, and then flop it on the other side until it’s done.

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