Beef meat with oyster sauce and green onion

لحم العجل بصوص المحار والبصل الأخضر


1/2 kg bear meet sliced
1/4 glass corn flour
Little ginger, fresh mince garlic
1/4 glass light soya sauce
1/2 glass water
1/2 glass brown sugar
2 big spoons Chinese rice vinegar
2 green onion cut
1 medium onion cut

Method of Preparation

In a pan put big spoon of oil then add the garlic ,and the ginger until they got the yellow color , then add the soya sauce , the oyster sauce , the sugar , and theater, stir until they melt, and start boiling, then turn the oven off.
In another pan put oil and roast the bear slices for three minutes , then add the both kind of onion , then add the soya sauce , and when it start boiling take it off , and serve it.

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