Chinese shrimp platter with pineapple

طبق صيني بالجمبري والاناناس


1/2 kg shrimp
4 slices can pineapple squires
1 rod green onion small cut
1/2 piece green paper sliced
1/2 pieces red paper sliced
1/2 pieces yellow paper sliced
(1/2 half broccoli cut (flowers only
1 piece tomato cubs
2 pieces hot paper small pieces
Baby corn
3 lugs garlic
1 small spoon salt agent motto
1/4 glass vinegar
1/4 glass sugar
2 spoons corn flour mix in a glass of water
2 spoons tomato paste mix with half glass of water
Dash of black pepper
Olive oil

Method of Preparation

Prepare the dish ingredients as follow
Spice the shrimp that you wash with salt, black pepper, then garlic and ginger.
Fried them for 5-7 minutes, then remove them from the oil, keep it on side, you will see rest of the garlic , the ginger, and oil, then add all the paper kinds then the broccoli, then the tomato , stir them well .
At the same pan you add the tomato paste , the vinegar, the sugar, the corn flour, the soya sauce , and angino motto, stir them on high heat until it start thick then add back the shrimp, and he vegetables .
Add the pineapple, the green onion to the sauce in the pan, and mix it for 5-10 minutes.

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