White jelly with chocolate cream

جيلي أبيض بكريمة الشوكلاتة


2+1/2 glass liquid milk
1 glass sugar
1 glass liquid Whipping cream
5 yolk eggs
1 tea spoon vanilla
2 table spoons gelatin

For decoration
1/2 envelope dream weep preparer it as written on the back, then mix it with 1/2 spoon Hershey coco (put it in refrigerator)
Hershey to decorate the platter

Method of Preparation

Add in the mixer the yolk egg, the vanilla, and the sugar mix them until they become light yellow as picture.
Add the two glass of sugar in a pan and leave it until it start boiling , then remove it away , and flow half of glass on the yolk , and whip it then add another half of glass , whip it , then add the rest of it.
Then just heat the rest of the milk and add the gelatin on it, mix it with spoon until the gelatin is melt, flow it on the yolk mixture and the milk, and whip it.
Add the liquid whipping cream, and whip it for fife minuets.
Prepare the mould and paint them with little oil, add around two spoons from the mixture in them, until you finish all the quantity you have.
Leave it for ten minutes to cool down then put them in the refrigerator from4-5 hours.
Take out and cut the edges with wet knife , then dip them in hot water for two minutes , take them out and upside down them in the serving plates , and decorate them with the cream and flow few drops from the Hershey , and serve it..

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