The quickly Lintel Soup

شوربة الحب بالدجاج


10 slices medium size from Chicken breast boneless
1+1/2 glass American Rice
2 can Tomatoes or (fresh tomatoes)
1 table spoon soup spices (cinnamon, cardamom, Shaba, anise, black pepper)
Salt (as desire)
3 letters Water

Method of Preparation

Cut the chicken into medium cubes, then crash the tomatoes , wash the seeds , then put the water on the fire until it start boiling, then add the spices until the water color change , then add the chicken and the tomatoes spread little salt , cover the pot , and leave it until the chicken and the rice is cook , and don’t forget to stir them , then flow the soup in the bowel, and decorate it with coriander leafs or parsley , serve it hot..

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