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12 Packs from Oreo biscuits crashed
1 pack Philadelphia Cheese
1 big can whipping cream
( Glass Sugar powder (iced sugar
1 cans Creme
1 Glass Sugar
1 Lemon Squeeze
Small gifts (ad you desires, example) : kinder surprise

To do the nest decoration
100 g black chocolate

Flowers decoration
100g pure black chocolate
Butter bar 100g

Method of Preparation

Mix the smashed Oreo biscuits with the crme, and big spoon of the powder sugar, then put it in the mould and press on the bottom and the sides, and put it in the refrigerator.
In the cake mixer mix 3 glasses from the whipping crme , then add the iced sugar , and a spoon from the vanilla , and keep it on side , and this is going to be mixture number( 1 )

In another ball whip the cheese with big spoon from the iced sugar, and 3 spoons from the lemon juice, and half glass of the wiping crme...
And this is the mixture number (2)
Add the mixture number (2) to mixture number (1); mix them together with the wooden spoon...

Wrap the gifts with the alluvium foil , put it on the top of the biscuits , and put marks like wood tooth pi cakes to know the territory of the gifts, so it will be easy when you cut the cake with ought showing the gifts
Then flow the crme in the mould , and totally covers the gifts , put the cake in the refrigerator, melt the black chocolate in bath steam water , then put it in a paper crone , paint a nest shape on the wax paper or aluminum , and make sure the papers size cover the cake surface, and when its dry move it carefully and put it on cake surface

Melt the chocolate with butter in bath steam water, then mix it with the hand mixture, and leave it to cool down, put it in the decoration bag, and decorate the cake sides with flowers shape
Keep it in the refrigerator until you serve it.

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