: Delicious Pearls Sweet

26-04-2014, 10:05 AM
Delicious Pearls Sweet


(Ready Cake (prefers the chocolate
4 squares Kerri Chesses
1 cans Crme
1 Glass grounded Biscuit
2 Galaxy chocolate
can Crme for the last layer
Maltesers chocolate for decoration

Method of Preparation

Prepare the cup cake tray with the papers inside it...
Flake the cake, and put around big spoon inside each cup, and press hard on it, until its stuck together.
Mix the grounded biscuit with the crme and the Kerri cheese, and add it over the cake and fix it...
P.S: If the mixture is very dry add half spoon from the milk
Melt the galaxy in water steam, and mix it with half can of crme, then flow it on the biscuit mixture, put it in the refrigerator until the layers becomes solid and hold together, and when you serve it decorate the cup cakes with the Maltesers , and serve it..

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