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DU Battery Saver 3.9.2

4.7 25 50 % .

: 15/10/2014

DU Battery Saver, the worlds leading battery saver & power manager, is a FREE battery-saving app that makes your Android battery last longer! Get up to 50% more battery life for your Android phones and tablets, with DU Battery Savers smart pre-set battery power management modes and easy one-touch controls that solve battery problems and extend your battery life. Over 600,000,000 peoples top choice among all battery saving apps!
Upgrade to DU Battery Saver PRO, and get up to 70% battery power savings!
< https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dianxinos.dxbs.paid >

Highlights of DU Battery Saver power doctor & manager:
? Fast Battery SaverInstantly find and solve battery problems with the Optimize button.
? Simple Battery SaverUse smart pre-set battery power management modes or create your own to get high performance and great energy savings.
? Effective Battery SaverProtect your battery with healthy battery charging to extend life of your battery.
? Convenient Battery SaverThe Optimize home screen widget allows you to stop power-consumptive background apps with one tap to boost your battery life.
? Easy & Powerful Battery Saver Extend your Android battery life by up to 50% without charging in different stages.
? Global Battery SaverSupports 17 languages, including: Deutsch, Espaol, English, Franaise, Portugus, Portugus do Brasil, P??????, Trk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, , ???????, Ti?ng Vi?t, ???, ???, ??(??), ??(??).
? Adapts to YouAutomatically save power and energy with DU Battery Savers Smart Power settings (requires DU Battery Saver PRO version).

Features and Benefits of DU Battery Saver Android power doctor & manager:
? ACCURATE STATUSSmart technology helps you know exactly how much battery charge youve got left with a detailed analysis of your Android apps AND hardware;
? SMART PRE-SET MODESChoose a mode that fits your energy usage, or customize to find the right balance of battery life and performance using our smart battery saver:
? ONE-CLICK OPTIMIZATIONInstantly find and fix battery power-consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to super-tune your energy savings;
? ANYTIME OPTIMIZATIONManage background apps and your phone hardware easily and safely with our smart home screen widget (i.e. battery level widget, hardware switch widget, and mode switch widget);
? BETTER BATTERY DETAILSView your phones battery power level by percentage or by time remaining;
? HEALTHY CHARGE MANAGERTrack and implement healthy charging practices in different stages to keep your battery working its best

: 6.1 .

http://duapps.com/du-battery-saver (http://goo.gl/UuVL83)

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dianxinos.dxbs (http://goo.gl/tGHgks)
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https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dianxinos.dxbs (http://goo.gl/tGHgks)