ورق عنب (يلانجي) بالزيت


1 Kg tomato (fine mince)
1 Onion (fine mince)
1+1/2 parcel Parsley (fine mince)
½ parcel Mint (fine mince)
3 Glass Egyptian Rice (Drenched in water at least for one hour)
Salt + White pepper
½ Glass Olive oil
3 pieces of Lemon (squeeze)
1 Kg Grape Leaves (Dawally)
2 pieces Potatoes (wide sliced)

Method of Preparation

Boil the grape leaves in hot water for few minutes, and then mix all the ingredients together (except the potatoes, lemon and the olive oil).
Grape a pot and cover the bottom with the potato slices , then start rapping the leaves as usual , start arrange them in the put , then add the water on them and little salt , and leave it on the oven.
Noting: At the beginning let the oven on high temperature when you put the pan on it, then when it start boiling decrees it to low heat and cover the pan..
Before it’s done (the water is drained completely) like 10-15 min add the lemon sauce and the olive oil... and serve it...

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