شوربة البر


Meat with bones (as desire)
2 Glasses Wheat Seeds
Onion medium
1 Pieces Tomato medium
Magi cub
1 Tea spoon from (salt + cumin + carry + black pepper grounded)
4 rod Cinnamon
1 Table spoon noodles soup
5 Garlic lube
1 Table spoon from (tomato paste + liquid red pepper)
4 Glasses Water

Method of Preparation

Break the wheat in the mixer , then drenched them in water from ( 5-6) hours , after that roast the onion with oil , then add the cinnamon , then add the meat , and sir well until it start cooking , ( add some water so it will help to cook the meat ) then add the melt tomato , then the spices , the garlic , and the magi , after that add the sauce and the red pepper and the noodles , then add the salt with water , and leave it to be cooked , after that add the wheat seeds without the water , and stir them for five minuets , add the water as desire , when the water is about to dry, serve it hot with few drops from the lemon…

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