The color spring Salad

سلطة الربيع الملونة


1 Glass purple Cabbage + 1 Glass white Cabbage
1 Glass Carrot
1 Glass sweet Paper shredded
1 Glass Lettuce slices
1 Glass cheddar chesses or qashqawan
1 pieces Tomato cut into thin slices
1 Coffee cup sweet Corn
1 Coffee cup sliced Olive
1 Coffee cup lemon (squeeze)
1 tea spoon Salt
1 Coffee cup Mushroom sliced
2 table spoons Mayonnaise + 2 table spoons blue cheese sauce
2 table spoons thousand island sauce + 2 table spoons Olive oil

Method of Preparation

Put all the vegetables in the Pyrex, each kind in layers on top of each other, white cabbage then carrot, the purple one, then tomatoes, corn, ext….
Mix the sauce ingredients together, and put it on the salad before you serve it…

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