The Fried cauliflower with Cheese sauce

سلطة الزهرة المقلية بصلصة الجبن


1 piece Cauliflower medium size, cut it into small flowers, and fried them
1 piece Eggplant medium size cubes, and fried
1 Carrot shredded
1 Cucumber cut into half circles
1 Green paper cubes
4 leafs Lettuce sliced
1 small can Corn

Cheese sauce Ingredients
1+1/2 cans Yogurt
2 table spoon Cheese glass
1 table spoon Mayonnaise
Little salt
2 table spoon Vinegar

For Decoration: use slices from the fried Bread

Method of Preparation

In the serving plate spread the lettuce , then mix the vegetables together, and add to it the salt , then mix the sauce ingredients , and add it to the salad before you serve it, spread the roasted bread on it…

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