Bugles Salad

سلطة بيوقلز


Boiled Macaroni + (Green, Red, Yellow) Paper sliced +2 pieces Carrot shredded
1 Glass Lettuce sliced + 1 can yellow Corn + 1 glass purple Cabbage sliced + 1 pack Bugles


3 Lemons (squeeze) + 2 tables spoon Vinegar + 1 table spoon Mayonnaise + 1 cans Yogurt + salad Dressing (French dressing) Salt (as desire)

Method of Preparation

Boiled the macaroni and leave it on side, then mix the sliced vegetables , then add the corn after you drain it from the water then mix all the ingredients above together , and before you serve it add the dressing , and mix it again , then add the bugles …and serve it..

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