(The Indian Belela (hummus

البليلة الهندية


1tea spoon from (salt + cumin)
¼ tea spoon from (smashed garlic + turmeric)
Little from the saffron + 1 onion medium size and sliced
2 pieces hot pepper + 1 glass water
¼ fagot coriander + mint + 2 can Belela (hummus)
2 pieces tomatoes medium size cut into small pieces

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion in the pan with 3 spoons from the cooking oil , until it got the gold color , then add the garlic , and stir well, then add the tomato , then the water with the spices , and leave it on the fire for 5 minutes until it start to be thick
Drain the Belela from the water, wash it with normal water, then add it to the mixture, then add the coriander, the mint, and the pepper, and leave little from them for decorating...
Put the Belela in the serving plate, decorate it with coriander and mint, and little from grounded cumin, and eat it hot...

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