عجائن طرية ومضمونة (2)


SOFT dough
1glass milk powder
2glasses warm water
2table spoon instant yeast
1/2glass oil
1glass sugar
1tea spoon salt
1big spoon baking powder
4glasses flour

Guarantee Dough
5 glasses flour
2 table spoon instant yeast
1/2table spoon baking powder
1tea spoon salt
3table spoon sugar
4table spoon powder milk
1/2 glass oil
2glasses water

Method of Preparation

SOFT dough
Add the milk and small table spoon from yeast, and sugar into the pastry machine , and add the warm water , and stir until the yeast is melt , then cover it , and leave it for five miners , then add the 2 glasses of sugar , and 2cups from flour and small spoon from salt , mix them together , and cover it for ten minutes, then flow on it the oil , and mix again , then add the baking powder, and the rest of the flour slowly, and paste it until its soft and solid together...
Leave it 45 min to be yeasting...
Farm it as you like.

The quantity you going to have it from this dough very big

Guarantee Dough
Knead the baking powder , with the flour and salt together, then add the milk, yeast and the sugar to the flour , mix them the n add the oil , then the water until you got the soft tough, leave it for nor hour , and form it as you want

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