Chicken tart with vegetables

تارت الدجاج بالخضار


1glass flour + salt
1butter bar (100g) + Egg

Chicken breast cut into cubes
Onion medium sliced
Carrot sliced
Zucchini sliced
1table spoon butter + salt+ black pepper + spices

2eggs +2table spoon mayonnaise + salt+ black pepper

Method of Preparation

Mix the flour, butter, eggs and pastes them together. Spread it and cover the Mould with it, and use the fork to make holes in the bottom...
Melt the butter in the pan and add the chicken until it's roasted , then add the onion , spices , black pepper ,and the vegetables, stir them well , until cooked, then put it in the pasty mould .
Mix the topping ingredients together, and put it over the stuffing, and spread the lack paper, bakes the tart in the oven on medium heat and roasts the top...

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