Pizza stuff with cheese

بيتزا محشية بالجبنة


3 glasses flour
5 big table spoons milk powder
1big table spoon instant yeast melt in 1/2glass of water with 1small spoon sugar
2table spoon oil
1glass warm water

1kg salami
Pizza sauce (you like)
Onion sliced
Green cold paper
Mozzarella cheese

Method of Preparation

In a plastic boll add the warm water, the milk, oil , melt yeast , and stir all together , then add the flour slowly , and knead them together ,remove the dough from the ball and paint the bottom and the inside edges with little oil, start rounding the dough, then put them back and paint the balls surface with oil, cover them and leave it for one hour ..
After the dough is yeasting , spread part from it in the baking pan in around shape , then take one ball from the dough and spread it , then put the chasse finger , then rap it around the cheese and cut it into small fingers..

Arrange the dough fingers around the pan edges, then add the sauce , then the salami, or pepperoni, then the onion , green paper, olive , mushroom and the chesses , put it inside the hot oven until its roasted .. Serve it hot

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