تارت البيض


1+ 2/3 Glasses Flour
Butter bar (100g)
1/3 Glass Sugar
Little Water + Lemon peel shredded + Dash of Vanilla

Egg + Salt + Pepper

Method of Preparation

Put the flour in a ball and add the butter , and the sugar and wrap it with your hands until it’s mix together , then add the lemon peel shredded , the vanilla , and the egg, wrap them again , add little of water ( around two spoons) knead well , leave the dough for 15 minutes and cover it with a plastic bag, then start outspread the dough in the small tart mould , and make holes at the dough bottom after you spread it in the mould .
Start making the stuffing by beating the eggs with salt and pepper , then put the stuff in the mould , and put the moulds in the baking tray into the oven ( 180 degrees / 350 Fahrenheit ) from(15 - 30 minutes )until its cooked and roasted ,then take it out , and serve it as breakfast …

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