فطائر البف باستري بالنقانق


Buff pastry rolls
Smoked Sausage cuts
Onion medium sliced
Green Paper
Tomato sliced
Mozzarella cheese shredded
Salt + Black pepper
Egg Yolk

Method of Preparation

Heat the oil in a pan , then add the onion , the garlic , the sausage , and stir all together , then add the tomato , the salt , and the black pepper , stir well, then add the green paper and remove it from the oven…
Cut the puff pastry edges without removing it , as the bellow picture , and turn the right side to the left , and the left side to the right, then add a spoon from the stuffing on the pastry , and add the cheese on the top , and paint the whole edges with egg, put them inside the oven on medium heat , roast it fro top… and serve it..

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