فطيرة بنت الصحن


5 Glasses white Flour
1+1/2 Glasses Water
½ Glass liquid warm Milk
½ Glass melt Margarine + Egg
1 medium spoon from (salt+ instant yeast + seed of blessing (nigella sativa) + honey + 1 egg yolk + white flour to spread the pastry)

Method of Preparation

Mix the egg with the milk , yeast , and add the flour , the water and knead them well , then add margarine ( half of it first , mix and then add the other half), divide the pastry to sex pieces , and leave it in a pan spreader with white flour , cover it , and keep it until it becomes the double size , divide each piece into two balls , spread each one by using the flour until it becomes thin .
Paint around pan with margarine and spread the dough you make it before while you pressing on the edges so it will stay thin, and spread between each layer a little margarine , until you finish the whole pastry ( be carful not to spread any margarine at the last layer.
Now cover it with piece of material , and leave it for one hour , after the layers are pops up , paint the surface with egg yolk and spread the blessing seeds on it, and put the pan in the oven until it’s cook, and roasted from up then spread it from up and sides and middle with honey and serve it…

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