أكواب الفطائر المالحة


1+1/2 Glasses White Flour
2 Eggs Yolk
1 Glass Milk liquid
1 medium spoon Biking powder
1 medium spoon instant yeast
1 Tea spoon Salt
1 Table spoon Sugar

Method of Preparation

Knead all the paste ingredients except the milk, and continue kneading until you got a solid paste, and the milk you add depends on the flour you are using, and leave it for leavening...
Stretch the dough, and cut it into fine circles, then put it in the cup cake mould...
In each mould , you put one kind of the stuffing , then cover it with the stuffing with a circle piece from the dough., close the edge by pressing on it between the fingers so it will not be open during the baking , paint the top with milk , and spread sesame the blessing seeds , bake it in hot oven until it’s roast from down and up, leave it to cool down then remove it from the mould , and serve it…

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