لفائف السبانخ الحلزونية


4 Glasses Flour + 1 Glass Milk powder + 1 Table spoon Yeast + 1 Table spoon Biking powder + 1/3 Glass Oil + Water

1 glass Spanish (frozen and mince) + Onion small mince + 1 Table spoon Oil + Salt + Pepper + 2 Table spoon Sumac + 2 Table spoon lemon (squeeze)

Method of Preparation

For the dough , we mix the dry ingredients then we add the liquid stuffs later, until it become solid and soft , leave it cover for half an hour, then roast the onion in oil , and add the Spanish , and stir until it’s dry , then add the salt , the pepper , then the sumac , stir them , then add the lemon juice , remove it away from the fire , and start stretch the dough like oblong shape , take one slice and stuff it with Spanish from the wide side , then roll it until you make it long and thin roll, then turned it like scroll shape , cover the surface with milk , put it in hot oven for 20 minutes , and serve it..

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