Stuffing pizza

البيتزا المحشية


3 Glasses Flour + ¼ Glass cooking Oil + 1 Glass Water
1 Tea cup Sugar (iced or powder) + 1 Tea spoon Salt + 2 Tea spoon Yeast
8 pieces triangle cheese + 1 small Glass Olives + Ketchup + 1 medium Green paper

Method of Preparation

For the dough: we mix the dry ingredients then we add the liquid stuffs later, knead until it become solid and soft , leave it cover for an hour.
For the Stuffing: Mix the cheese with paper and olive well...
Take a small piece from the dough , and stretch it like a circle and paint it with small spoon of ketchup then add the stuff on the edge , start roll it like half circle ( as the picture bellow) until all the quantity is done, paint the oven try with oil , and arrange them in the try , and paint the surface with egg white, spread sesame on them , and put it in medium heat oven , until they cooked…

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