البيتزا بالخبز الفرنسي


1 Onion medium (fine mince)
3 Garlic lube (fine mince)
¾ Table spoon Olive oil
1 Kg Tomatoes (it has to be mushy, peeled, and fine mince)
Salt (as desire)
½ pack Ketchup
1 Tea spoon dried green Thyme
Dash White pepper
Mozzarella cheese shredded
Green paper + Mushrooms+ sausages + Olives
French bread cut

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion , the garlic in the olive oil , then add the tomato on it , the salt and leave it to be cooked , after that you add the ketchup and the thyme, and stir them..
Put the paper in a pot with boil water inside it and salt , and leave it for 15 minutes , cut the sausage, the olives and the mushrooms, and prepare the French bread , drill it little from inside so you can put the stuffing there, start putting the tomato stuffed , then add the olive, the mushroom , the sausage , and paper , spread on them the cheese , put it in the oven after you tern it from up , take it out and serve it hot…

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