رقاب اللحم المحشية


5 from the Neck Meat

Relish items to boil the Meat
Onion cut into cubs
Carrot sliced into thick rings
Leek + rod from the Celery
Spices (1 table spoon black pepper + 3 table spoon salt + 1 table spoon cinnamon)
5 grains Cardamom + 7 Bay Leaves

Rice Stuffing
3 Glasses drenched Rice
5 pieces Onion fine mince
1 Kg Beef Meat
(1 Tea spoon from (black pepper + salt + cinnamon
1 coffee cup Pine (roasted)

Method of Preparation

The neck stuffing method
Roast the onion until it’s got the gold color , then add the pine until it’s goodish too, then add the mince meat and stir well , when it’s cook add the spices , and stir well again until it’s done.
Now add the rice on the, meat and stir well then add the water, and add little salt, and make the rice half cook.
Start stuffed the necks with the rice, and then swings them when you finish …

The method to cook the necks
Spice the necks after you stuff them, with the white pepper and salt from all the sides, the roast them a little with hot oil, from the all sides.
After roasting them put them in a big pot, add the water until they cover with it, and leave it to boil on the oven then get red from the fat on the surface.
Then add the Relish items we mention above … keep it on the oven from (2-3) hours to be cook
Then serve it on the rice, and decorate it with parsley, and roasted almond…

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