الزربيان (بطريقتين)


3 Glasses basmati Rice
½ Chicken
2 Onion big
Potatoes (as desire)
4 Grains from (cinnamon + cardamom + black pepper + clove)
Medium spoon from (salt + cumin + carry +grounded black pepper)
6 Garlic lubes
2 Glasses Water
Oil for deep fried
Flaming Charcoal

Method of Preparation

Cut the chicken into two half, then peel the potato, put them in a pot, then add the spices , the garlic, the cinnamon ….ext. mix them well and keep them on side , roast the onion until its almost got the black color , then add the water
Leave it on side, and continue stir it, and press with the spoon on the onion, until the water got the dark color, then get read of the onion, and keep the water.
Add the onion water for the up ingredients that you put in the pot , and add another glass of water , stir it well, and leave it on the oven (10 – 15 ) minutes until the ingredients got the brown color , then boil the rice in water with salt and oil inside it ( half cook) , then add the rice on top of the chicken mixture above , then spread on top of it two spoons from the onion oil then in a small coffee cup add the rest of the oil and put the flaming charcoal in it , and put the cup in the put , then cover it quickly leave it on low heat for 45 minutes .. Then serve it...

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