(AL ZERBIAN (With Meat

الزربيان (باللحم)


3 Glasses basmati Rice
½ Kg chopped Meat
Potatoes (as desire)
1 medium spoon from (salt + cumin + carry + black grounded pepper + rice coloring)
4 Grains from (cinnamon + cardamom + clove+ black pepper)
5 Garlic lube
2 Onion medium
Flaming Charcoal+ Oil

Method of Preparation

Mix all the ingredients together except the (rice + onion+ charcoal + oil) with each other , and put them in a presser pot , boil the rice with water salt , and oil (half cook) then put a layer from the rice over the ingredients in the pot
Roast the onion with little oil , then add it on top of the rice with little oil , then add another layer from the onion , and spread on it the rice coloration , in a small coffee cup you put the oil and the flaming charcoal and put it in the same put , and cover it quickly, leave it for an hour on low heat … then serve it

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