الأرز البخاري


Rice (as the amount you want)
3 Onion medium size mince
3 Garlic lubes smashed
Whole Spices (cinnamon + black pepper + clove + black dried Lemon + hot pepper)
2 can Tomato paste
Whole Chicken (washes it and cut it into 4 pieces)
Ground Spices
Turmeric + Salt + Magi cub
Carrot sliced (as desire)

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion with the garlic in little oil , then add the grain spices, then add the tomato paste, and add little water , stir them well , and leave them on the fire from ( 3 -5 ) minuets , then add the chicken , the spices , the Turmeric , Salt , the Magi cub , and the carrot , and add enough water for the rice , then add the rice after you wash it , and keep it on the fire until its cooked, then serve it ..

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