الأرز بالخلطة مع الدجاج


Rice ready boiled

First Group
½ Chicken + Cinnamon stick
4 Grain Clove + 2 Grains’ Cardamom+ Salt

Second Group
2 Tea cup from chicken stock
Dash from Spices + 1 Table spoon Tomato paste
½ Lemon (squeeze) + little rice coloring

1 Onion sliced + ½ piece Paper sliced +Raisin
(Salt + Spices + ½ Lemon (squeeze

Method of Preparation

Boil the chicken in the water and add the first group ingredients, and after its cooked , put them in a try , mix the second group together then paint the chicken with it , and roast it in the oven , then start prepare the mixture by roasting the onion with oil , then add t he rest of the ingredients and cook them
Grape the boiled rice and take small amount of it and mix it with mixture you prepare it, then add the rice in the serving plate , then add the one mixed with mixture , then put the roasted chicken
And serve it...

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