الأرز مع الدجاج المشوي


(Whole Chicken (900g
4 Table spoon Soya Sauce + 2 Magi Cubs
Mix Spices + 2 Bay Leaves + 2 Table spoon Coriander mince
Grains Cardamom + Cinnamon sticks + Clove
1 Tea spoon Salt
1 piece Tomato + 1 Carrot + 1 pieces Onion medium size + 1 piece Potato 4 Garlic lubes + Corn Oil + ½ Lemon
2 Glasses Rice

Method of Preparation

Mix two spoon from the soya sauce + small spoon from salt + one table spoon mix spices + half lemon juice + two spoon from the cooking oil , then chop the onion , the tomato , the potato, and the carrot into rings , and keep it on side , then peel the garlic lubes , paint the chicken from out side and the inside with the above mixture , and keep a little amount from the mixture on side .
Mix the vegetables with the garlic and with the rest from the sauce you paint the chicken with, then arrange the vegetables in the middle of the chicken , and spread two spoon from the mince coriander , then cover the chicken with the aluminum foil , and keep it in the refrigerator for an hour, then put it inside the hot oven for half an hour or more , then open aluminum foil to roast the chicken from top, while cooking the chicken , drench the rice in water for ten minuets
Add three table spoon from cooking oil in the pot , and drain the rice then put it in the pot , stir it well , then add the magi cubes , and the bay leaves , and the spices ( cinnamon + clove + cardamom ) , mix them well on the oven , then add for them the soya sauce , and two glasses of water or more until they cover the rice , and leave it on low heat until its cook ,
Then serve it with grilled chicken and vegetables…

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