الأرز المفلفل مع الروبيان


For doing the rice
(2 Glass basmati Rice (500g
Onion medium size
2 Garlic lubes
2 table spoons vegetarian Oil
3 Glasses Water
1 Tea spoon Salt
1 Tea spoon from (turmeric + carry + red hot pepper + cumin + black pepper + grounded ginger)
Cinnamon sticks
2 Magi cubes

For the grilled Shrimps
1 Kg fresh Shrimps
½ Tea spoon from (black pepper + cumin + shrimp spices + salt)
1 Table spoon butter
2 Table spoon Parsley or coriander fine mince
Wood grill sticks

For Decoration
1big Onion crunched and roasted
Almond + Pine (fried)
Lemon slices

Method of Preparation

For doing the rice
Cut the onion into crunches, and roast it in the oil, then add the garlic, the grounded ginger , and the cinnamon sticks, then add the res of the spices, stir them well , the put the rice that you wash it on them stir for one minute, , then add the water , it’s better to be hot, add now the salt and magi cubes, cover the pot , and decrees the heat to low , until the rice is done.
For the grilled Shrimps
Wash the shrimps well, then put them in deep ball, add the spices on it, the salt, parsley and the coriander knead the shrimps well.
Then inter the shrimps in the grill wood sticks in organizer way , put them on the roasting-jack , then paint them with the butter use the brush , and flip them every two minuets
Serve them with lemon slices, yellow rice x

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