أرز الدجاج بالخلطة


Boiled Chicken + 4 Glasses from the chicken broth
3 Onions
Mix Spices around 1 Tea spoon from{ ( cinnamon + saffron powder + carry + cumin cardamom ) + 2 black lemon + ½ tea spoon black pepper + little saffron + table spoon salt + 2 tea spoon mix spices }
2+1/2 Rice

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion in a pan , then add the chicken , and stir it until you roast it, then add the spices , mix well, then add one glass from the chicken broth, leave it on low heat until its cook ..
To cook the rice add three glasses from the chicken broth + table spoon salt, and leave it to be done, add to the surface small spoon from the saffron , so the rice will be white and yellow layers , and after its done you serve it by putting the white layer then the yellow layer then the mixture , then add the chicken …

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